Welcome to The Old Parrot


Welcome to The Old Parrot, the English-language companion site to El Loro Viejo. El Loro Viejo (elloroviejo.com) is a Spanish-language website to teach English to speakers of Spanish. The Old Parrot is for language learners whose native language is English.



Why “The Old Parrot”?



There’s a saying in Spanish, El loro viejo no aprende hablar, “An old parrot doesn’t learn to talk.” For people, too, it is indeed harder in many ways to learn a language as an adult than it is as a young child. (That’s a topic we’ll be exploring more on this site.) Certainly lots of people have tried without success to learn a language, and they end up feeling like old parrots, forever doomed to being proficient in only one language. But that’s no reason to give up in despair! You can do it, and the Old Parrot can help!


Topics coming soon:


  • The best techniques for learning languages
  • Your advantages and disadvantages as a adult learner of languages
  • The best courses to help you learn a language
  • The best websites to help you learn a language
  • The mysteries of English orthography
  • The Trager and Smith system of American English pronunciation
  • Build your English vocabulary by learning Greek roots
  • Quick and easy Spanish
  • Quicker French for people who know some Spanish
  • Quicker Italian for people who know some Spanish
  • Quick and easy Pennsylvania Dutch
  • Quick and easy Mopán Mayan
  • The Russian alphabet made easy
  • The Georgian alphabet made easy
  • The Shaw alphabet made easy


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